Cajun Potato Slices


Cajun Potato Slices 

You can make this dish as a nice side  for the  holidays coming up .Or just because .



6~ potatoes

1 teaspoon ~salt

1 table spoon ~cajun seasoning

2 tablespoons ~ Alaffia red palm oil

prep time : 10 minutes

cooking time : 30min



1.Rinse potatoes

2 .Cut potatoes into thick slices

3.Heat the oven to 375

4.Oil pan with red palm oil

5.Place potatoes slices into the pan in layers

6.Add seasoning on the potatoes

7. Put the pan of potatoes  in the oven.

8. After 30 minutes check your potatoes they should be soft but firm

if you would like the softer you can cook them longer .

9. Take the pan out the oven , stir the potatoes until the seasoning is even , add 1 teaspoon of olive oil if you would like to add extra seasoning you can .

You can pair potatoes , with greens and brown rice or your favorite sandwich


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