Gluten-Free Harvest Left-Over Bowl

Harvest Left-over Bowl


Do you have left over food  in your refrigarator  that you need to get rid of ? Make a fun colorful bowl out of your left-over food .Also this recipe is gluten -free so everybody can join in  on the fun.Recipe below

Seaweed Brown Rice stir fry 

3 table spoons ~ cut wakame 

1 teaspoon ~kelp flakes for taste

1 table spoon ~ water

Collard Greens

1 batch of Collard Greens

1~teaspoon salt

1 table spoons ~ olive oil

1 ~clove garlic

Half Avocado 

Sweet potatoes 

1 cup – baked sweet potatoes

2 ~tablespoons cinnamon

1~teaspoon sea salt

3 teaspoons ~coconut oil

Seaweed  Brown rice Stir Fry 

1. Lightly heat the brown rice with water and add the wakame , when the wakeme is soft turn off the stove add kelp and  olive oil .

Collard Greens

1.Cut collard greens in to thin strips , throw them in the pot with water .Cook for 2 minute then  put the lid on the pot and let them sit for 1 minute so they will be soft but still crunchy.

2. Drain the remaining water , then add  pressed garlic (optional ), olive oil and salt .

Sweet potatoes 

1.Cut the cooked sweet potatoes , put them into the sauce pan , add coconut oil , cinnamon and salt , stir fry for 2 minuets .


1. First add the brown rice in the bowl as a base , then collard greens on one side , sweet potatoes on the other and add thinly sliced avocado’s in the middle .and enjoy !

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