Celiac Awareness Month

Celiac The Facts


October is Celiac Disease Awareness Month. An estimated 1 in 133 americans have Celiac. This disease is an  autoimmune disorder that is caused by indigestion of gluten ,protein in barely,rye and wheat .As of 2014 the only cure for Celiac is a strictly gluten-free diet.About 83 %  people go undioganised or mis-diogonesed for Celiac. There are over 300  symptoms for this disease .Each person can have different symptoms or no symptoms at all.The list below our common symptoms:


  • Bloating or gas– bloating abnormal swelling of the stomach
  • Itchy skin rash– dermatitis herpetiforms (DH) associated with gluten free sensitivity , chronic rashes primarily on elbows , knees , buttocks , back and back of the neck
  • Delayed growth-specific symptoms for children who suffer celiac , slow height or weight growth
  • Diarrhea– frequent loose or liquid bowel movement .For Celiac patience diarrhea is caused by malabsorption -inability to absorb food .
  • Depression -Includes feelings  anxious , helpless, sad or hopeless
  • Constipation-digestive system stools are hard or difficult to pass.
  • Pale mouth sores-caused by break in the mucous membrane surrounding the mouth
  • Thin bones-loss of bone density  this occurs when new bones are not formed
  • Irritability– crankiness , annoyed or frustration , most common symptoms in children
  • Fatigue-constantly tired , physical or mental weariness
  • Infertility-People with celiac may not be able to carry full-time or have serious birth complications
  • Discolored teeth-symptoms show up as white, yellow or brown spots on the teeth . Tooth defects for celiac patience are permanent .

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