Expo East : news from our distributers

Part 2 of our Expo East series .Some of our distributers released new products , packaging and awards.

Our Distributers News 

Vega – Vega one will have new packaging early next year with more protein and more greens ! Find it in your local whole foods or natural foods store .


Pur Gum – Pur  gum had a vibrant booth and gave away samples of their fresh gum thats aspartme free. The company just announced that their products are now in Walgreens !



Flora Health – Flora  had their head turning ads ,  better than butter popcorn and Sambu samples with pellegrino sparkling water.The popcorn and the new Sleep-essence  were a big hit with the crowd.



Trac Health -TRAChealths first expo east ! The team had a good time they passed out samples of their new kombucha packets .The new kombucha packets have organic acids and probiotics .TRAChealth created 3 different blends” Energy Blend “(Goji Berry )”Antioxidant Blend ” (Acai Blueberry Pomegranate ) and “Digestive Blend ” ( Pear and Ginger ).


Alaffia – Alaffia had a beautifal  booth , with music and chance to try their new lotions . The company just release their  new packaging and scents .So don’t be surprised when you see the new colorful face of Alaffia .


 Health Force ~ Health Force was there  as well !. They gave out samples of ZeoForce , Vitamin  C  and Green Protein .The HF team had an awesome time at the show and  got new customers :)!



Overral the team had a good show !


Greendandelion Team !

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