Cancer Fighting Cabbage

Cruciferous vegetables include broccolli , cauliflower and cabbage . Researches have found that these veggies can form free radical that can damage your cells DNA . They can  also shield you from cancer-causing chemicals and helps slow the growth of tumors .Below is a recipe for cabbage stew enjoy !


Cabbage Tomato Stew


1 ~ cabbage

1~ onion

2 ~tomatoes

3 table spoons ~coconut oil

1 table spoon ~ tablespoon



Step 1. finely chop cabbage  . cut the  onions and tomatoes

step 2. heat a sauce pan with coconut oil

step 3.  add cabbage , onions and tomatoes into the sauce pan . turn the stove to low  , add seasoning  and let the cabbage simmer until desired texture


Step 4. Taste  , add extra seasoning if you would like and serve the cabbage with rice/ beans or other grains and enjoy !



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