Prostate Awareness



Recognizing  Prostate Health  this week .Prostate is a male sex gland which is underneath the urinary bladder. Prostate produces seminal  fluid which carries sperm outside of the body .Common  prostate problems are prostatitis , enlarged prostate  and prostate cancer .

We are going to briefly  discuss prostate cancer .Prostate cancer definition uncontrolled spread of abnormal cells of the prostate . When the prostate grows too large it squeezes the urethra . Urethra is the tube that allows fluid to pass out of the body through the penis .When the growth squeezes the urethra then urine can either slow down or stop.


  • Incorporate Omega 3-6-9- either in fish or  Flora 7 sources  oil
  • Incorporate cooked tomatoes and cruciferous vegetables  (cauliflower and broccoli )
  • Seek medical attention for stress, high blood pressure , high cholesterol and depression

When should you get a  PSA check up 

  • Men between the ages of 40-75
  • Also recommended if three or more close relatives have had prostate cancer

Holistic Healing

  • Ginseng – contains 25-och3-ppd naturally existing compound in ginseng  prevents prostate tumors
  • Saw palmetto – treats enlarged prostate , anti-inflammatory ,reduce effect of excess estrogen  and promotes healthy testosterone levels

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