Maca Chocolate Dream




Ending the week with a recipe to brighten your mood if you’re having a dreary day . Maca has been used as a medicinal herb since  approximately 3800 B.C. to increase fertility , mood , stamina and endurance . Maca is great for women in the menopausal stage. This herbs best attribute is its ability to support the body’s endocrine system. Maca helps to restore the endocrine system through hypothalamus .This action improves communication between the brain and the pituitary gland . Maca helps the body to balance hormones properly. Maca is also rich in b-vitamins b-1, b-2 which helps to boost energy . You can use Maca in many ways have it with cereal cakes , cookies and even your smoothie .Enjoy our recipe below


Maca Chocolate Dream






  1. combine all ingredients into the blender
  2. blend it together
  3. garnish with a mint leaf
  4. and enjoy !


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