Menopause Awareness

Menopause Awareness month


menopause-9401517-300x227This week our focus is on Menopause awareness . Menopause is a natural occurrence that can effect women as early as 40 years old. Menopause simply means end of the monthly cycle . Women have different experiences and go through different stages of menopause . In fact there are 34 symptoms a women can have all of the symptoms or just three.Menopause Awareness month was established so women do not have to suffer in silence wrestling with their symptoms but instead embrace them .We would like to provide a couple of natural remedies so you can take control of your symptoms and enjoy life !

 Below are a list of herbs to assist and ease symptoms .

  • Black Cohosh-Also known as black snake root or bugbane (cimicifugu race moss ) .Black cohosh function is to balance of estrogen production in female reproduction system. Can relieve symptoms such as hot flashes , night sweats and sleep problems.
  • Floradix Iron –  1 in 4 women are affected by osteoporosis after menopause . Take actions on preventing it by taking Iron Floradix. Iron Floradix  formulated for easy digestion is gluten , alcohol and gmo free .Below is a video on the product .



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