Native American medicinal tea that saved millions Part 1


It began in 1892, a British woman was very ill and her only cure was an operation. The lady had seen her friends have the operation with little success. She searched for alternative methods and met a Native American from the Ontario Ojibwa tribe. The Ojibwa man gave her a medicinal tea with eight ingredients .He gave her the recipe that she used for a year and saw major results. Fast-forward to 1922, the British lady was in the care of head nurse Rene Caisse .She noticed a scar on her chest and asked her what was it, the lady told her the story of the  medicinal tea. When Rene’s Aunt fell ill with the permission of her aunt’s doctor she gave her the eight-ingredient tea. Rene picked the ingredients from the land and bought it wholesale. In 2 months her aunt started to show signs of improvement. After she became well Rene was inspired to give people this secret medicinal tea.

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