Can you get more Organic then organic ?

According to the Biodynamic Association Biodynamic farming is “a spiritual -ethical-ecological ” way of farming. This term was formed from Dr. Rudolf Steiner philosophy “Anthroposophy”. In his philosophy farms are viewed as one whole organism that is self-sustainable. The farm has its own eco-system where no synthetic pesticides are used.

Oregon Wild Harvest one of our lovely distributers is certified organic and biodynamic farm. They became certified Biodynamic farm June 2009. One of the criteria’s is to maintain 10 % natural habitat  to balance the environment and animals/insects on the farm. After Oregon’s Wild Harvest transformed they were very pleased with plentiful health crops.

Biodynamic farms are fertilized mainly by recycled material produced on the farm. Oregon Wild Harvest states, ” This is the most sustainable way of farming able to produce health growing crops”. Because biodynamic farms are their own ecosystem, you’re a cutting down on the carbon footprint. Support Biodynamic farming to so we can sustain a better environment for future generations.


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