TRAChealth Chia on-the go !


We are in love the TRAChealth chia ready to-mix-drinks ! This product is non-gmo ,natural, kosher and vegan .TRAChealth sets itself apart from others by working with a co-op of growers. They work with local farmers who have been growing chia-seeds for generations and believe in quality seeds.

Chia ready-to-go comes in a variety of different flavors  nutritional benefits. The list includes chia + coconut water, chia +superfoods ,chia+blackberry hibiscus green tea and Chia+strawberry lemonade .I know they all sound delicious right?!

Last year we were pleased to include TRAChealth as one of our distributers .Their mission is to “provide innovative functional food and beverage products that taste great and fulfill a variety of needs”.

All TRAChealth products are sold at Whole Foods or maybe your local health food store . Check to find out .

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